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Named for Bikram Choudhury, the Indian Yogi who originally developed this exhilarating workout, Bikram Yoga is comprised of twenty-six “ASANA” (body postures) and two breathing exercise. Weight loss, muscle tone, improved flexibility, balance and stamina…
these are some of the more traditional benefits, you can expect to enjoy when adopting a yoga routine. But with Bikram Yoga, these benefits are just the beginning.

  • Did you know that Bikram Yoga also promotes the cleansing of your body’s system and the release of harmful toxins?
  • Did you know that Bikram Yoga is an excellent way to increase circulation, reduce daily stress, improve concentration, heal injuries and prevent ailments?
  • Did you know that Bikram Yoga actually goes beyond working the muscles of your body to include strengthening your tendons, ligaments, joints, bones and even organs within your body?
  • Did you know that Bikram Yoga is known to reduce the symptoms of chronic disease such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s and Diabetes? And despite what you might think.
  • Did you know that Bikram Yoga is for everyone, no matter their age, body type or skill level?
  • Whether you are just starting out or have been doing yoga for years, Bikram Yoga Ashburn can help you achieve your goals.

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